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Presentation MonthSpeakerSubject
October, 2018No SpeakerPeer-to-Peer Discussion
September, 2018Dr. Jerome GreenThe Current Controversy over PSA Screening
June, 2018No SpeakerJune Barbeque
May, 2018Dr. Urban EmmeneggerTreatment of Metastatic Prostate Cancer
April, 2018Megan Kirk-ChangFatigue and Prostate Cancer
April, 2018Vicky McGrathNurse Next Door
March, 2018No SpeakerPeer-toPeer Discussion
February, 2018Dr. Hans ChungThe Role of Brachytherapy in Prostate Cancer
January, 2018Sheela ZelmerPelvic Floor Physiotherapy for Post Prostatectomy Incontinence and Erectile Dysfunction
December, 2017No SpeakerChristmas Social
November, 2017Dr. Danny Vesprini, Justin LorentzUsing Genetics to Tailor Prostate Cancer Care
October, 2017No SpeakerPeer to Peer Discussions
September, 2017Dr. Jackie Bender/Ruth BarkerTrue Nth Peer Navigation Program/Stronach Cancer Centre Virtual Tour
June, 2017No SpeakerBarbeque Social
May, 2017Dr. Louis Fenkell, Southlake RegionalVolumetric Modulated Arc Therapy
April, 2017Jacqueline Hornick, Registered DieticianNutrition Recommendations
March, 2017Dr. Jack BarkinHIFU (Hi Frequency Ultrasound)
February, 2017Peer-to-Peer MeetingDiscussions
January, 2017Dr. Arnell Baugio, Southlake, Stronach Region Cancer CentrePalliative Care
December, 2016Christmas SocialCancelled due to weather
November, 2016No PresentationPeer-to-Peer Discussions
October, 2016Dr. Frank BaillieSex After Treatment
September, 2016Dr. John L. Preiner, urologist, SouthlakeProstate Cancer Topics
May, 2016Dr. Valde GagovskiCancer Immunotherapy Treatment Options
April, 2016Dr. Andrew Loblaw, University of TorontoThe Future of Prostate Radiotherapy
March, 2016No presentationPeer-to-Peer Discussions
February, 2016Dr. Padraig Warde, Princess Margaret HospitalRadiation Therapy, Cyberknife
January, 2016CCAC, CHATSCharlene Brown, Marc Terrence
December, 2015Christmas SocialRemembering Frank Kennedy
November, 2015Dr. Michelle Flax, Ph. D., C. Psych.Dr. Michelle Flax, Ph. D., C. Psych.
October, 2015Catherine CallaghanEstate Planning, Wills, Power of Attorney
September, 2015Dr. Jerome A. Green, Urologist, SouthlakeWhat's New in Prostate Cancer 2015
June, 2015No PresentationEnd of Season Peer Support Night
May, 2015Nelly Faghani, PhysiotherapistExercise Studies for Men with Prostate Cancer
April, 2015Dr. Shabbir Alibhai, Institute of Medical Sciences at the University of TorontoImpact of disease and your quality of life
March, 2015Dr. Susanne Chan, Pathologist at SouthlakeHow your cancer is diagnosed and graded
February, 2015Dr. Yasmin Rahim Hematologist & OncologistPSA, Watchful Waiting and Active Surveillance
January, 2015Dr. MorsilloA Naturopathic Approach to dealing with Detoxification
December, 2014No PresentationChristmas Reception
November, 2014Jacqueline Hornick, Registered DietitianDiet and Exercise for Cancer Survivors
October, 2014Amy Brown-BowersCouples, Sexuality and Prostate Cancer
May, 2014Dr. Wong, Urologist, Southlake HospitalBracytherapy (Presentation not available)
March, 2014Peer Support NightGroup Discussion, No Presentation
February, 2014 Dr. John Preiner, Urologist, Southlake HospitalProstate cancer basics, and reviewing the latest treatment options.
January, 2014 Sandra Robinson RN, Southlake Regional Health CentreThe Prostate Assessment Clinic at Southlake
December, 2013 No Speaker this month, additional notes on Dr. Andrew Matthew's October talkReview of various cancers and treatments
November, 2013 Dr. Srikala Sridhar, Princess Margaret HospitalReview of various cancers and treatments
October, 2013 Dr. Andrew Matthew, Princess Margaret HospitalProstate cancer and Survivorship
September, 2013 Dr. Ian Tannock, Princess Margaret HospitalOpen Forum on Cancers that have spread
June, 2013 Dr. Sandy Sehdev, William Osler Health CentreBone Targeted Therapies
May, 2013 Dr. Jerome Green, Southlake HospitalIncontinence after Cancer Treatment
April, 2013 Dr. Padraig Warde, Princess Margaret HospitalUpdate on Prostate Cancer Treatments
March, 2013Eileeen Fauster, Holistic Health PractitionerThe Role Nutrients Play in Prostate Cancer Treatment
February, 2013 Meeting was Cancelled 
January, 2013 Dr. Thomas Morton, Urologist, LakeRidge HospitalOpen Forum on Prostate Cancer Treatment
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